Terms and conditions

The student

  • Is responsible for attending the lesson at the established time;
  • Should check the calendar to make sure the lesson is set at the correct time;
  • Have to make sure that wi-fi and devices are appropriate and functioning before the lesson;
  • Should be prepared a couple of minutes before the lesson waiting for the code and password;
  • Is responsible for taking notes and complete set homework;
  • Is responsible for talking to the tutor in case of issues with how the lesson is performed;
  • Should communicate directly with the tutor for arrangements and cancellations only if allowed by the parent;
  • Should access the RESOURCES section or GOOGLE CLASSROOM to download notes, if indicated by the tutor;
  • Should communicate in advance to the tutor if the session should be recorded;
  • Should tell the tutor what screenshot to take during the lesson and what note to be sent after the session;
  • Must inform the tutor in case of cease of tuition.

The parent/guardian

  • Is responsible to pay for the lessons in time by the method accorded;
  • Is responsible to communicate with the tutor for lesson rearrangements or cancellations;
  • Should keep an eye on the availability calendar to make sure the lesson is booked at the correct time and to remind the student about it;
  • Should communicate with the tutor for any issue related to the lessons;
  • If paying monthly, the parent should pay the invoice fully within a week of the invoice date.

The tutor

  • Is responsible to provide a lesson with the length of 55-60 minutes.
  • Is responsible to provide the lesson at the time set and communicate in advance for any delay;
  • Is responsible to use appropriate resources, notes and exercises for the lesson;
  • Is responsible for updating the availability calendar and to book the sessions at the times agreed;
  • Should communicate directly with the parent or the student, if allowed, for booking sessions and payments;
  • Is responsible for providing a high standard lesson using appropriate resources;
  • Is responsible to keep updated the RESOURCES and GOOGLE CLASSROOM section;
  • Is available to share with the student the notes and papers used in the lesson;
  • Is responsible to keep the slot booked for the regular students but might require rearrangements once in a while.


  • The parent or student (if responsible to do so) can cancel the lesson up to 5h before the set time;
  • If cancelled up to 5h before the lesson the fee will be kept, if payed in advance, for the rearranged lesson, alternatively it will be rescheduled.
  • If the lesson is cancelled between 5 and 1h before the lesson 50% of the payment is taken as a cancellation fee;
  • If the lesson is cancelled less than 1h before the lesson the full fee must be paid;
  • If the student does not attend the lesson the full fee must be paid;
  • Extenuating circumstances may be accepted (health of the student or family, transport accidents) but a justification must be given as soon as possible;
  • If more than 3 sessions are cancelled the service might be suspended;
  • The tutor will wait 15 minutes and if the students does not show up or does not communicate with the tutor, the lesson and payment will be lost;
  • Those terms are valid for both parent and students;
  • The tutor should be able to cancel anytime, with appropriate notice.
  • In case of technical problems (Wi-fi, zoom etc.) the lesson may be shorten (if the tutor cannot prolong it) or rearranged.


  • Student and parent informations and contact details are safely kept by the tutor for communication purposes;
  • Student’s contact details are deleted after 6 months of inactivity;
  • On the availability calendar only the name of the student is shown in order to recognise the slot booked. No other informations are shared on the calendar;
  • Communications are done through WhatsApp when possible. The parent and student automatically agree for receiving updates regarding the tuition.
  • The google classroom will be archived after a month of cease of tuition.